My book signing event took place on the 20th April at WHSmith. It was a really good day with 13 books sold. I was impressed as I hadn’t expected to sell that many. I thought I would be lucky if I managed 2 -3. One lady only went in for a newspaper but ended up buying a copy of Murderous Feet as well. I quickly sold out of A Place of Safety and Murderous Feet did well but Missing which I thought would be the best was very slow.

I’ve another date for book signing in the same store on 1st June. Hopefully I’ll sell more as the first one was a bank holiday weekend and very quiet. Hopefully I’ll also be able to have a book signing at a different branch as the manager contacted another manager who was happy for me to do one there. I sent an email but typically haven’t heard anything. I think I’ll need someone to take me over there to arrange it.

The worrying thing now is that I haven’t heard from head office about payment yet so I’ll have to get that chased up with the manager. Of course, if I continue to have a problem with it I won’t be able to have another signing event as I need to be paid promptly. I’m sure it can easily be sorted though.

Other book news is that I’ve finished the first draft of another murder mystery, featuring the detective duo Ellie and Lucy who were in Murderous Feet. This book is called Partners in Crime. I’m leaving it a while before starting editing so have gone back to The Jigsaw Puzzle to edit that. Hopefully it will be ready soon for publication.

As usual I have other ideas for books floating around in my imagination and also in a notebook so I can’t forget. Someone in my walking group recently said something that clicked in my mind and gave me the title of another book. From there I couldn’t stop thinking about it trying to come up with an idea to match it which I did later that day.

My sales have been up this month (April) which is good. I think I’ve managed to sell one book every day which is a good sign. I hope it continues to be like this and hopefully rise further. March was an empty month though. It could have risen with people interested in A Place of Safety which is new out. It could also be because on Twitter people have been wanting to read books by independent authors which is what I am so of course I’ve been dropping my link in comments. I wasn’t going to miss any opportunity to get my books out there for people to look at.


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