Trials and tribulations of an author

I’ve already written of my struggles to publish the paperback editions of my books. This time I thought I’d speak a bit about why I chose self-publishing over the traditional route of getting an agent.

Initially on finishing Lily of the Valley I sent to numerous agents and mostly got standard rejection letters. On one or two occasions I received positive feedback saying I have talent and imagination. I made changes to the manuscript that were recommended which definitely improved it.

I got fed up with all the rejections and started looking into self-publishing, leading me to Amazon. At first I was overwhelmed by it. It seemed so complicated but eventually I decided to take the plunge instead of just looking and I haven’t looked back. It was the obvious solution and I automatically went there for The Necklace when that was ready for publication.

For those of you reading this who may be fellow authors, it is very difficult to break into the traditional publishing route as we are unknown. I would definitely recommend the self-publishing as the best way. The disadvantages of this are that you have to do it all yourself including marketing. It’s the marketing that is the hardest part and something of which I have little idea. I intend to continue to publish myself other books as they become ready. Although it looks daunting and can be complicated the sense of achievement is enormous once done. It’s a real boost for self esteem.

Currently I have two books needing editing and one just started writing the first draft

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