Murder in Mind

I was out with a friend sitting by the river. Moored to the side was a boat. At this point my imagination took over and I told her there was a dead body on it. this didn’t come as any surprise to her as she is used to hearing strange things from me and just waited for more to be revealed.

A man stepped on the boat so of course I continued my story by saying he was about to discover the body when he went down below.

This led on to a bizarre conversation started by me about what people walking by would think about over our conversations. I suggested the police would get involved. my friend said I would be arrested because I know too much about all these murders I talk about.

My response was that i could prove it’s all in my imagination, that I’m an author and I could point them in the direction of Amazon and my books.

Apparently that wouldn’t be enough for the police who would insist on taking me to the police station.

Of course my friend – soon to be ex friend – said she would only tell the police what I have told her.

Who needs enemies with friends like her.

She said she was only preparing me for the reality I would find myself in.

We had a good laugh over it as once again she marveled at my imagination and the weird things I sometimes come out with, usually involving murder of some kind.

We we waiting for a bus on another occasion when a man crossed the road with a pile of towels. He was using the towels to tidy up after bumping someone off obviously!!!

Maybe my rather macabre imagination is worrying but it does give me ideas of which might occur in a future novel.

I hope this has got your brain fired up wanting to know more so why not visit Amazon and buy my books.

Have fun reading folks until next time when I will have killed off a few more characters no doubt.

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