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I have some exciting news this time that I have to share. Last week I heard that I was the Writers Bureau Runner Up for the Student of the Year Award. I couldn’t believe it and ended up reading the email several times. I wasn’t allowed to publicize this until it became official.  The beginning of this week I was informed that it is now on their website so I can finally shout it from the roof tops. It was so hard keeping it quiet when all I wanted to do was tell the world. What a wonderful achievement for the beginning of a new year. 

I have studied the Copywriting course with them and am now doing the How to Market your Books with them. I enjoy their courses as they are very real and relevant. It’s always good learning new skills and even better when it’s something you’re passionate about as I am about writing.

I love what I do. My biggest hope is to start earning something from my writing.

My writing is in various genres, more so thrillers, so there is something for most readers. I just need to learn how to get my books out there and in front of the right audience. I’m determined and stubborn so I won’t give up and in the meantime I continue writing new books. Recently I have been editing books, getting them ready for publication. I’m now longing to get on with a new book which is in my mind and I have made notes for. It will be another murder mystery. I have a list of characters, I know how it will end and whodunnit. I also have plans for Ellie and Lucy the two sleuths who appeared in my book Murderous Feet.

I will be writing this in conjunction with editing two books. I had intended on publishing one more before starting a new one but don’t think I can wait that long. I’m itching to get back to it.

While you wait for more books why not look at the books I have available including my latest one Missing which was published this year. I had quite a few problems with formatting and uploading the cover so it was held up for some time while I resolved these issues. Got there in the end with some help and input of others. They are available on Amazon. https://tinyurl.com/yarmlt4a  

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