Last week I did a free promotion for my book Lily of the Valley.  I got loads of downloads and hoped that some would leave a review. No such luck I only got one review out of it. Please if you read a book leave a review as it helps get more sales. If I could reach about 50 reviews Amazon would start recommending the books to other customers which would help enormously with sales. I hoped that all those people reading it would mean sales for my other books, but no such luck.

Well, an update on my writing since last time. Currently I am trying to publish my next book Gallows Lane but unfortunately I’m having problems with the cover. KDP won’t accept the cover and I’m not sure why. I’ve been back to my designer and he sent me another one but it didn’t work either.

At the same time I am trying to edit two more books which are almost ready and believe it or not I have started writing not one, but two novels. One is a thriller about a child that goes missing. The other is historical fiction set in France during World War Two. The first is called Missing and the second is called A Place of Safety.

That’s where the confusion lies, trying to write two books at the same time is not easy. I could get the characters all mixed up and write a piece in the wrong book. The problem is all the ideas come into my head and I want to get them down while I’m thinking of them.

On a lighter note, I was out with a friend the other day by a river. There was a boat there with a man getting on it. I turned to my friend and said there was a dead body inside which he was about to discover.  Of course there would be in my writers imagination. I then said to my friend that I wondered what people thought if they over heard what I was saying. I suggested they might get worried and report it to the police. I also said I would be able to prove I’m an author and it’s just my imagination. My friend responded saying that I still wouldn’t get away with it as they might still be concerned that I had to have got my ideas from somewhere. I said she’s supposed to be my friend and she’s talking me into trouble. She said she is my friend and she’s just preparing me for what will happen. We had a good laugh about it. Yes, although it was a nonsense conversation it gave me another idea for a story about an author it happens to. I don’t know if I’ll write it yet but I jotted it down in a notebook so it’s there to use if I want it at some point.

With all this going on you can probably see how easy it would be to get confused with what I am trying to do.

Hopefully by next time the cover issue will be sorted and the book available to buy.


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