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Wonderful news

Well, I have some exciting news. My book Murderous Feet is a finalist in the mystery category of the Book Talk Radio Club. The winner will be announced on November 11th so watch this space. When I submitted my book I didn’t really think I’d get anywhere so it’s exciting and proves I do write well and write books people want to read.

Unfortunately I wasn’t writing much over the summer due to various health problems. I really missed it as I’m passionate about my writing. You’ll be pleased to know I’m back at it now.

I’ve been trying to get some freelance writing jobs now that I’ve finished my copywriting course but as yet to no avail. A couple of times I had someone getting back to me wanting examples of my work but they never took it any further unfortunately as they were projects I would like to have been involved in.

I currently have an idea for a childrens story which I may write at some point. It would be for younger children. It would be about at cat and aliens. I hope I can make it fun and exciting for children. I don’t know when it will get written as I am still editing a book and writing another one both of which have a long way to go before getting finished. At the same time a childrens book would be shorter so I may just get on with it. Watch this space and see what happens next. You never know I may end up writing it at the same time as my other projects. I really have so many ideas floating around in my head that I can’t keep up with myself.

I have a friend who asked me recently if another book was out soon as he has read all of mine so far and is wanting more. I said I would have to write 24/7 to keep up with him which caused a laugh. He’ll have to wait until they are ready. I’m not rushing myself just to keep up with him. They will get written and edited and polished ready for publication when I can. I don’t want to put books that are full of mistakes or badly written out there as that would put readers off straight away.


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