Open post


Since I last wrote I’ve finished the first draft of my story of living with severe ME and my healing which my doctor has called a miracle more than once.

I am still editing two books written last year.

I have ideas for three more which i’m itching to write. I have scribbled ideas down so I don’t forget. I was telling a friend the other day what one of them was about and she said of course I knew how it ended. It came as a surprise when I told her I hadn’t a clue. All I knew was the beginning. I think greater detail will come to me once I start writing – or at least I hope so!

It won’t be the first time I’ve started a book with little idea where it was going. That’s what happened with The Necklace. That book was only meant to be a short story at first but then it was suggested it could be continued so it went on from there.

I’ll just let it go where it wants to, allowing the characters to write their story. As long as it flows that’s all that matters to me.

One of my ideas is another thriller and two are murder mysteries about the same two sleuths who are featured in Murderous Feet which I’m currently editing.

I am finding that thrillers are my favourite genre to write since most of my books are thrillers.

I have recently taken out a subscription with Mslexia – a magazine for women writers. They publish and pay for work that women writers have written. I have already submitted two stories and have just finished another one which I have to edit before submitting that. I am hopeful they like my stories enough to publish them  in their magazine. Who knows maybe an agent or publisher will be browsing and something I’ve written will stay with them enough to want to see more of my work.

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