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Publishing is harder than the writing

My optimism last time that I had succeeded in publishing the paperback of The Necklace was short lived. I received an email to say there was something wrong with the cover. Back to tearing my hair out. Very apprehensively I contacted my cover designer who must be fed up with me. He was agreeable to help resolve the problem.
Very warily I made another attempt at publishing and this time it was a success. The paperback of The Necklace is now available.
Wow! What a relief! I’m still on cloud nine but will probably come back to earth with a bang soon. Hard work but I got there in the end.
Publishing is harder than the writing. I can hear you asking why I bother when it’s so complicated. I can tell you it’s very rewarding when it works out. Also I love to write and want to share my imagination with readers.
For those of you who don’t have the time or the love of reading you may be interested in my collection of short stories which I am editing at the moment. Hopefully that will be available in a few months. Short stories are something you can dip in and out of as and when you have the time.
I have started work on my next novel but can’t get into it. I’ve got extensive notes so am not short of ideas. I just can’t seem to get motivated so I’m procrastinating by writing this. Waiting for my writer’s get up and go to come back. If you see it floating around somewhere please send it in this direction. Much appreciated!
Open post

Frustrations of Self-Publishing

I was trying to publish The Necklace in paperback having already published on kindle and it wasn’t going to plan. I’d resolve one error only for other errors to follow. Grr!!!
I had assumed it would be easier this time round having already published Lily of the Valley, but no, that was quite clearly stupid of me.
I can tell you as I write this that I finally succeeded, no, not in destroying my laptop or pulling my hair out, but publishing the paperback. As you can imagine I am on cloud nine right now. Don’t worry, I’ll return to planet earth to do more editing on my next book and start writing another one. Ideas are already floating round in my head.
I’ve got into the habit of carrying a notebook and pen around with me always on the lookout for new ideas. They come from anywhere such as overheard conversations and small incidents.
Currently, I have another book started, one book of several hundred words and another idea but so far not started.
With all these ideas buzzing around it’s hard to keep up with myself, so how I expect readers to I don’t know.
I was out this afternoon when the title for a new book came to me after seeing a road sign! I think it gave me the perfect title so I was very happy. Made a change from the frustration of this week!
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