Hi, I'm Cheryl Russell and I write in different genres especially historical fiction and thrillers. I love to get my teeth into a good thriller but love to put my characters into all sorts of challenging situations and see how they develop and grow as the story progresses. I don't know if my characters would thank me for the circumstances they find themselves in! Probably not! My characters and their situations are very real in my imagination. I long to share my characters with others that they can also see them in their minds.

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This debut novel, set in the Blitz, was hard to put down. I fell in love with the characters, and so will you. Lily has had a challenging past, and we see her development. throughout the book. What else can I say? I don't want to be a plot spoiler! I am left wanting more. Lily the Sequel please. The war continues, so there must be another book here.

C Strutt

An extremely well written book it kept me gripped from start to finish . Well done Cheryl Russell. Would be fantastic if a sequel was to follow as I want to know more about the characters and how their future pans out. Good luck hopefully many more books coming out in the future.

Edward Barry

I enjoyed this book. The characters were very real and the various threads of the story held my interest. I thought that the spy incident ended a bit abruptly but over all a good read.

Anita Hicks

When you read this book the characters will grip you. Laugh at Ted and Winnie's antics which they play on to make the serious and sad Lily laugh and light up her face. What is going on with the two porters that Lily overhears talking on more than one occasion? This book is an excellent read that you won't want to put down. Definitely a book to recommend to your friends.

Jayden Caleb

My Other Books

The war is over. Jacob finds himself in hospital but very traumatised from what he has been through. Sarah identifies him as her husband and eventually takes him home.

Eve and her young daughter turn up at a convent seeking sanctuary from the Germans in Nazi occupied France. Can they find safety?

Sarah wakes up in the hospital with no idea who she is or what happened to her. As time goes by memories start coming back.

Six year old Bethany goes missing in the middle of the night after her mum receives a mysterious phone call. There is no break in so how did it happen?

Strange things are happening to Annabel. The mystery begins with an early morning police raid and the theft of her late mother's necklace and letters.

A compilation of short stories. There is something for everyone as the stories are a variety of genres.

A story based while World War Two is raging on in Europe and the bombs are dropping on London.

Executing a crime of passion Jasmine finds herself in turmoil, haunted by her jealousy fuelled rage and in despair over what she has done.

This is Cheryl's story of how she eventually overcame ME and found healing.

When Phyllis is found dead at the bottom of a flight of stairs the question is was it an accident, suicide or murder.

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